Partnering with the Nation’s Attorneys & Investigators


Our highly experienced and certified forensic analysts have been specifically trained to quickly resolve many types of investigation and litigation matters involving data recovery. With for over 30 years of forensic analysis experience and more than a decade of paralegal experience, our team offers a unique blend of scientific data and legal support. With our help, you can focus your attention and expertise on what is familiar to you while we work behind the scenes to obtain evidence that enhances your case.

We proudly offer services to:


  • Criminal defense lawyers

  • Civil trial attorneys

  • Private investigators

  • Internal, human resources investigators

  • Government officials

  • Law enforcement officers

  • Insurance companies

We can tailor our services to fit any of your specific needs, goals, or objectives. We realize that attorneys will not need the same services as government officials. We recognize the unique needs of our clients and have succeeded in every case. Our resources include state-of-the-art technologies such as Password Recovery Toolkit®, Cellebrite, Forensic Toolkit®, and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus.

Collaborating with Labs Across the United States

We work with some of the most advanced laboratories and investigative units across the country. From recovering data from microchips to obtaining evidence from major communication networks, we only work with the best.

Crack the Code with Help from Proven Industry Leaders

Advanced Micro Resource specializes in offering a full range of digital forensic data acquisition, recovery, extraction, and analysis services. Using some of the industry’s breakthrough technologies and procedures, we have successfully recovered data and delivered results in some of the most complex investigations.

We work closely with all of our clients to secure valuable evidence. Whether you are a criminal defense lawyer, civil trial practitioner, litigation support law firm, private investigator, internal investigator, or corporate executive, our entire staff is ready to get to work for you.

Contact a Computer Forensics Expert

Just as we band together with other similarly skilled professionals, we offer our services to other laboratories as well. We specifically specialize in cell phone data extractions, computer forensics, and data recovery for other devices. If you are in need of a professional opinion or would like to utilize our broad experience of complex systems, we would be happy to partner with you.