Tablet Forensics Services

Just like cell phones or computers, tablets and electronic readers contain crucial data. Obtaining information from mobile devices and tablets can prove to be a challenging process. Unlike personal computers, tablets do not have a hard drive that can be taken out and examined.
Because they have complex technological interfaces, mobile devices such as tablets and e-readers can present unique obstacles when someone is trying to extract text or image data, files, or device memory. At Advanced Micro Resource, our data recovery specialist only utilize the industry’s top-of-the-line technologies. No device is too tough for us to crack.

We use some of the most powerful data extraction solutions, including:

  • Cellebrite UFED Tablet Forensics Series
  • Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)
  • Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®)
  • Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®)

Find the Evidence You Need to Win

Password protection and encrypted files can present challenges for investigators and police officers. Your case may rely on obtaining accurate and precise evidence from a tablet. We can help you obtain the data that you need to support your case under any form of legal scrutiny. We can investigate and extract text and image data:

  • Apps
  • File structures
  • Active information stored on devices
  • Synchronized mobile devices
  • iTunes backup information
  • Data stored in cloud computing such as iCloud

We are able to meet any challenge presented by popular tablets. Whether you need digital information from a tablet for decoding private corporate information, analyzing secure information, or investigating evidence for a criminal matter, we have the knowledge, credentials, and experience to handle it all. In fact, we have successfully helped all of our clients extract, obtain, and recover crucial data for security and investigative needs.

Call Advanced Micro Resource for a Free Review

Our arsenal of technologies and methods integrate seamlessly with one another, which allows us to handle all of your extraction and analysis needs under one roof. This service not only eliminates the possibility of contaminating or destroying crucial evidence but can also help you keep your costs low while keeping the chances of successful return high. If you have more questions or need litigation support, call our office today. We would be happy to provide you with a complete case review free of charge. Call now!