Advanced Micro Resource is an approved digital forensics service provider under the General Services Administration (GSA). Each year we provide thousands of government-affiliated clients with superior digital forensics services at competitive rates.

By using the GSA catalog, you can review all of the digital forensics services that we offer, including expedited, as well as emergency rates and available discounts.


A failed hard drive, RAID, or server can significantly disrupt any governmental department or institution’s ability to function and it is imperative that they find the right specialist for the job as soon as possible. The right specialist will understand that both urgency and transparency of process are required.

Advanced Micro Resource. has created GSA specific plans for service, with discounted quotes, so that these client’s critical situations can be handled properly. By utilizing years of significant investments into the research and development of digital forensics tools and techniques, Advanced Micro Resource is fully equipped to deliver successful results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We’ve earned the approval of the GSA by submitting our services and practices for review, including all of our security and control protocols. Our commitment to excellent customer service is part of every package, as each client deserves the peace of mind of knowing that their problem is on its way toward being resolved.

Your Best Choice for Expert Digital Forensics Service on the GSA Schedule

AMR provides expedited, emergency digital forensics services to clients throughout the United States with offices in almost every major city for convenient drop-off and diagnostics. Our technicians can recover data virtually from any device, regardless of the causes of loss or circumstances of failure. The following are just some of the features and benefits that Advanced Micro Resource offers to all of our clients:

  • Free Shipping and Diagnostics
  • Warranty protected Digital Forensics for hard drives, RAID, servers, etc.
  • Track progress and make payments online through a convenient customer portal
  • 24/7/365 customer service for requests, support, and updates

We understand that government agencies have concerns and service requests that are different from those of most other clients, and we’ve developed services to specifically cater to those needs. From discounts to payment arrangements to delivery options, our GSA approved digital forensics services are the optimal choice to resolve your data loss situation.

The website provides contact information for any GSA employee or contractor who is assigned to GSA. The GSA vendor catalog is an excellent tool for finding the right contractor for the job at the right price. The process of approval by the GSA is thorough, so our clients can be certain that we meet high standards for quality in addition to expense limitations in order to keep service rates competitive for business.

Call us, your GSA scheduled digital forensics expert, to recover your data before your deadline and without compromising your budget!