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Advanced Micro Resource Has A Proven Track Record of Success

We Meet Every Challenge Head-On

Computer forensics and other electronic discovery issues can present many challenges. Lawyers and investigators are concerned with organizing evidence and creating compelling cases but they are typically not be able to successfully carry out this objective without clear, concise, and straightforward evidence. Advanced Micro Resource can step in to fill this need on deadline.

Our team of highly specialized and certified professionals has successfully helped nearly every client because of our unwavering commitment to providing the following:

  • Fully stocked arsenal of resources, tools, and procedures
  • Personal, dedicated, and around-the-clock service
  • Proactive discovery to uncover evidence in the fastest possible way
  • Cost-effective services for the highest return
  • On-site, collaborative certification programs with industry universities
  • Exclusive use of industry-leading technologies, including Cellebrite, Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®), Oxygen Forensic Suite, and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus

Not every forensic analyst has the freedom to work with lawyers, litigators, or investigators, nor does every analyst have the wherewithal to even stand the same ground as such influential people. Not only can our team provide you with the same caliber of service as your level of representation, but we have all of the necessary certifications to meet any challenge head-on.

We Are Fluent in the Language of the Digital Age

Though we are fluent in the language of the digital age, we recognize that your audience or a panel of jurors may not be. We know how to compile evidence reports and capture the information in a way that is effective and appropriate, which can allow you to successfully present a case based on the truth that we are able to uncover for you.

We can put our highly technical discipline, certifications, and tools to work to handle the following:

  • Computer, cell phone, tablet, and global positioning system forensics
  • Password recovery
  • Distracted driver cases

If you are in need of assistance with any of the above-mentioned concerns, there will be very little room for error. Come to an industry leader that is established as a reliable team capable of delivering impartial, unbiased, credible, and truthful information! We take the proper care to ensure no evidence is left unassessed, no stone is left unturned, and no vital information is missed.

About Us: Decades of Unique Experience

We have many years of experience in information technology education as well as practical experience, and our passion for technology rivals and surpasses other industry professionals. Our team is characterized by forensic investigation talents, industry certifications, and management skills and includes some of the technology industry’s leading experts in forensic examination, data extraction, and electronic discovery.

Members of our team are well versed in law, trial, and litigation. We have a complete understanding of the underpinnings of the industry that are often unspoken. Unlike some computer forensic analyst companies, we honor, uphold, and respect the chain of command and protocols. We understand legal terminology when looking at any type of case involving complex legal procedure.

To us, uncovering evidence is not simply a job. We believe that it is our team’s duty to discover favorable evidence to complement the compelling arguments of your case. Every American has rights and entitlements, and we provide effective services to help facilitate protecting those rights. We know how proper investigating, evidence handling, and analyzing can make the difference in court.

People’s lives are in their phones. So is your evidence!

Many people think computer forensics and cell phone forensics is just a science, but we take it to the level of being an art form. Because we always go above and beyond, we have succeeded in every case.

We are able to uncover any type of technological information and package it in a court-approved format that can be used by investigators, criminal lawyers, and civil litigators alike. No matter what evidence you need, you can rest assured we have the technological savvy, industry tools, and critical-thinking skills to perfectly complement your case.

We are aggressive in pursuing favorable results. In fact, many of the criminal defense cases we have worked on, for example, have resulted in no charges, charges being dropped, or significantly reduced sentencing. We also can work remotely to provide services on deadline for clients throughout the United States.

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