Remote Forensics Services

Has a former employee taken information from your company? Is your client being accused of illegally accessing private network information? Do you need assistance determining whether there has been a cover-up after a computer has been compromised? If so, call Advanced Micro Resource immediately. We offer some of the leading remote forensic services in the nation.

Although we primarily provide investigative and forensic services, we also offer litigation support to our clients. We know that our findings can serve as the backbone for a criminal defense matter, civil litigation case, or corporate legal action. When you are in need of the best, come to an established forensics firm with a proven record of success and lawful results.

Specializing in Computer Forensics & Forensic Data Recovery

Remote forensics, also known as network forensics, refers to extracting, recording, and imaging network events to discover the source of a security breach within a network. We can remotely work on a case anywhere in the United States from Bakersfield, California and offer our services to support your case.

Benefits of Our Remote Forensics Tools

One of the primary benefits of our forensic tools includes rapid-response capability. We can provide our clients with a method to evaluate a potentially compromised computer without taking the time necessary to gain physical access to the system. We are also able to capture volatile data that is not available once a computer is shut down.

Information may include:

  • Data in memory, registers, and cache content
  • Running processes
  • Passwords
  • Executed console commands
  • Attached devices and networks
  • Logged-on users

We use a servlet, which is a type of software installed on a computer that can allow us to gain access to and analyze any computer or network. Additionally, our arsenal is fully stocked with state-of-the-art forensic technologies, including Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®), Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®), Cellebrite, and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+). We always make certain that our operations adhere to all Electronic Communications Privacy Act regulations to keep your liability minimal and your costs low.

We provide a host of services, including:

  • Computer forensics
  • Cell phone forensics
  • Tablet forensics
  • Global positioning system forensics
  • Data recovery
Our investigative services include and are used for:

  • Forensic extraction, analysis, and reporting
  • Criminal matters
  • Civil litigation
  • Distracted driver accident reconstruction

Proudly Partnering with Labs Across the Country

We have nearly 20 years of experience conducting some of the most covert and discreet investigative operations. If you are in need of remote forensic services anywhere in the country, we can provide you with the precise examination that you need to support, solidify, and verify your case.

Call Advanced Micro Resource today for a free consultation and case review.

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