Photo Authentication

As the use of cell phones increases, the use of digital cameras and other digital photography devices proliferates along with doctored and altered digital photography. Photoshop and other similar photo editing software have made it truly challenging for individuals and examiners without the proper training and resources to recognize a doctored digital photograph. However, Advanced Micro Resource has on staff trained forensic analysts with unparalleled skills who specialize in photo authentication utilizing cutting-edge technology along.

Law firms, corporations, governments, and individuals worldwide turn to Advanced Micro Resource in order to determine the authenticity of photographs. Clients in law enforcement, press, banking and insurance, and individuals utilizing online dating or auction websites have successfully retained AMR to assist in determining the legitimacy of questionable digital photographs.

Our tools can not only discover the presence of tampering, but also its means: right down to the specific device that caused the confusion in the first place. Through error level analysis and the use of filters, we can recognize the point at which the tampering began, as the offending area will be highlighted, which allows us to determine the scale of the tampering, as well as clue us in to what is missing or entirely foreign to the photograph. We are also able to identify any and all clones within a photograph.

Our professionals have at their disposal specialized, court accepted forensic software that allows them to analyze a photograph to the very structure of a JPEG file, laying bare the coding of the photo in question and offering a comprehensive view into the photo’s nature, determining whether it is authentic or a fabrication. Compression analysis, pixel correlation analysis, color adjustment, camera ballistics – these are just some of the minute details that our team of Data Analysts can ascertain. We are also potentially able to determine the origin of a photograph entirely, including the make and model of the camera from which it was shot, which allows an interested individual to determine whether or not the photograph is indeed an original produced from a digital camera. Our unrivaled investigations have also been known to determine the origins of photographs obtained over the Internet: whether it is a simple image found in Google or a stolen photograph purloined from a personal page from social media.

When it comes to compiling evidence, there is very little room for error. Digital evidence is a subject of scrutiny for all legal professionals due to the ease with which one may tamper with it. Do not let your case be determined by faulty or unsubstantiated evidence. Allow the leading team of professionals at Advanced Micro Resource to provide you with an in-depth analysis into the authenticity of an under suspect photograph. We will determine all the particularities including the size of the offense, the infected area of the photograph, the depth of which it extend, the tampering’s point of origin, as well as the specific means utilized by the deceiving party. Advance Micro Resource today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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