Password Recovery Services

If you are currently conducting an investigation on behalf of your client, an unknown password can become a serious obstacle in the progression of your case. We have been providing services to accompany any forensic testimony for litigation and investigation purposes for nearly 20 years.

At Advanced Micro Resource, our computer forensics and forensic data recovery specialists in Bakersfield only utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®), Cellebrite, and Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+), as well as comprehensive methods that help mitigate risk. We want you to have the highest return on the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Consider Any Password Cracked

PRTK® is perfect for cases we handle for law enforcement, corporate accounts, and security professionals. If you need access to locked files or if your user has been locked out of files, we have the key to crack the code.

We have successfully recovered passwords and encrypted files for:

  • QuickBooks
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • SQL databases
  • Zip files
  • Windows log in

Corporate & Forensic Solutions

We offer a complete suite of corporate and forensic solutions. Whether you need to gain access to an iPhone, Blackberry, mobile device, tablet, or computer, our comprehensive services can help you access any file covertly and with ease.

We can also perform security analysis protocol to set up a state-of-the-art firewall to keep your encrypted information secure. Additionally, our team can analyze any file or password and provide you with an optional report file that is easy to understand and can be evidentiary if needed.

Password Recovery Software

Are you locked out of a computer, cell phone, tablet, or any other technological device? Has your inability to access a device hindered the progression of your case? Unlock and uncover a password with our password tools and expert assistance.

No matter how long, multilingual, or complex a password is, our technologies can decrypt any password protected document, file, or archive. We have succeeded in every case we have handled.

Security & System Software

Are you locked out of a system? Are you unable to access encrypted files? We utilize some of the industry’s leading tools to help you gain control over accounts, files, and encrypted data. The security and system software we use makes it easy and simple to access a system.

  • Advanced Archive Password Recovery
  • Advanced IM Password Recovery
  • Advanced Intuit Password Recovery
  • Advanced Lotus Password Recovery
  • Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery
  • Advanced Office Password Breaker
  • Advanced Office Password Recovery
  • Advanced PDF Password Recovery
  • Advanced Sage Password Recovery
  • Advanced SQL Password Recovery
  • Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery
  • Distributed Password Recovery
  • Facebook Password Extractor
  • Internet Password Breaker
  • Lighting Hash Cracker

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With a detailed report of our findings, expert witness testimony, and a compelling representation strategy, you could win your case. Whether you are an attorney, corporate professional, investigator, or are in need of litigation or law enforcement support, Advanced Micro Resource is the computer forensics team to trust to get results.

Call Advanced Micro Resource today to request a free consultation and discuss how our motivated team can help facilitate the progression your case.

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