Indigent Defense Program

IDP stands for Indigent Defense Program.  In Tulare, it is called ADO, which stands for Alternate Defense Office.  In San Bernardino, it is CP, which stands for Conflict Panel.  Los Angeles has IJDP and ICDA

 We can do all of the paperwork to get appointment orders for you at NO COST to you or your client.

Location Tracking

We can help you establish the location of all persons allegedly involved in a crime by using cell tower location data.


We can help you impeach the prosecution’s investigation by pointing out errors made by the prosecution experts, which sometimes leads to the evidence being excluded.


We can help you view proprietary videos, capture still images from those videos, and convert the videos to usable formats.


We can help you recreate conversations by recovering old messages, deleted messages, voice mails and other data from cell phones.


We can help you by finding exculpatory evidence on computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices.


The prosecution has their own team of experts, and you are entitled to experts for the defense. The court pays the cost of experts for indigent defendants, even if the attorney is privately retained.