Forensic Support for Distracted Driver Cases

When an accident occurs, police officers and first responders are required to take detailed reports of the damages, including eyewitness statements. Although people assume that officers are doing their jobs thoroughly, there are some details that can slip through the cracks or that may require additional analysis by computer and cell phone forensics experts.

State-of-the-Art Tools

We have the technologies that can help confirm or dispute evidence of distracted driving. We can verify whether a driver spent time on the phone during or before the auto accident. We can typically pinpoint specifics to the exact second by obtaining text message data or call history information that was transmitted, sent, or received from a global positioning system (GPS) or other device.

Some of our technologies and services include:

  • UFED 4PC Ultimate by Cellebrite
  • Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)
  • Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®)
  • GPS forensics
  • Cell phone forensics

Before an insurance carrier pays out compensation on a claim, for example, we can help the company prepare a report. Because we partner with labs across the nation, we can offer remote forensic services to attorneys and investigators virtually anywhere in the United States.

Strengthen an investigation with help from Advanced Micro Resource!

Because we understand all aspects of the legal process, our team offers unique skills and insights that can complement and support your litigation or investigation. The value of obtaining GPS information can often be “the smoking gun” in many types of evidence-based cases. Although law enforcement officers consider GPS evidence to serve as a trail to pinpoint important locations, GPS evidence can serve a much more significant purpose.

Proving specific locations and time stamps could play an essential role in car accident reconstruction, especially cases arising from allegations of distracted driving. Combined with expert testimony, eyewitness statements, forensic data recovery, and source location data, you can organize a case that is impervious to any rebuttal or conflict.

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Car accidents are incredibly common. Although they happen every day across the nation, it is often hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the car accident. If your client or a policyholder of your insurance company has been involved in a car crash and you think that distracted driving may have been the cause of the collision, call the experts at Advanced Micro Resource immediately.

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