Computer Forensic Services in California

Do you need to consult a computer forensics expert?


Our computer forensic experts in Bakersfield have specialized in internal investigations, data recovery operations, and covert computer forensic analyses for decades. We have provided our expert knowledge and findings to some of the nation’s leading law firms, litigators, investigators, and corporations. Whether you are in need of third-party assistance or litigation support to defend or prosecute legal claims, we are here to help you obtain the evidence you need to win.

Who We Serve

If you are a representative of an internal department of your company and want an independent, experienced, and skilled team of computer data forensic analysts to perform an audit, verify evidence, or preserve evidence of electronic information, Advanced Micro Resource should be your first choice. We have necessary certifications and resources to meet your needs and deadlines.

We proudly serve the following types of clients anywhere in the U.S.:


  • Law firms, attorneys, and lawyers

  • Litigation support service providers

  • Software, consulting, and financial companies

  • Government officials and organizations

  • Private and internal investigators

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Trusted Source in Digital Forensic Solutions

We assist in both pre- and post-litigation consulting, acting as your trusted source for litigation support as we obtain and identify crucial evidence in computer systems, cell phones, tablets, or Global positioning systems. Even if an employee, client, or target of an investigation has taken steps to try and hide his or her tracks, delete files, or use anti-forensic software to wipe away evidence, we use the industry’s state-of-the-art technologies to uncover the truth.

Our top-of-the-line forensic tools include:

  • Cellebrite
  • Password Recovery Toolkit® (PRTK®)
  • Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+)
  • Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®)
  • Oxygen Forensic Suite (Analyst)
  • Belkasoft Acquisition & Analysis Suite

Because we have access to technological advancements and utilize methods that surpass even what some police departments have, our clients can peel back the layers of any case and discover pivotal evidence that may not have been found in an initial investigation. We know you and your client’s success can rely on evidence that is found using our services; therefore, we take our role in your case seriously. We are extremely proud of the fact that we have successfully helped all of our clients obtain the evidence that they needed and we are ready to do the same for you.

Specializing in Helping You Win

We are known for our impartial approach to computer forensic analysis and forensic data recovery and we can be your trusted support at this time. We are adept at not only discovering groundbreaking evidence for your case but also organizing and reporting our findings in a way that can stand as solid evidence or testimony in a court of law. We know that our comprehensive approach to computer forensics can help your particular case resonate strongly with a panel of jurors or any type of audience.

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We have a proven record of success with our clients and offer cost-effective services for the highest return possible. If you wish to receive a complimentary case review, simply call our team today and request your free consultation with us. We can provide you with excellent service tailored to suit any industry or legal case.