Civil Litigation Services

Divorce, custody battles, and other civil litigations can be tricky to navigate. With the increased use of digital media, having digital evidence that the court will accept is becoming more important to all sorts of court cases, including civil cases.

Even if the other party attempts to destroy the evidence by erasing it, or damaging the hard drive or computer, Advanced Micro Resource still can help. We offer the best-in-the industry options for repair and recovery of damaged media, and can help you recover data that has been destroyed.

Financial Information

  • Division of marital assets
  • Awarding of spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Determination of child support

Establish Lifestyle

  • Quality of life, in regards to children
  • Can demonstrate inability to make responsible choices

Inappropriate Conduct

  • Proof of infidelity

These are just the most common reasons why digital forensic data is useful in civil litigation, and it certainly doesn’t encompass all uses. If you know you will have a litigation in the future or are already in the middle of litigation, don’t wait.

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